Celebrating Christmas in Nazareth

Santa's Christmas

The whole year we wait  eagerly for the holy noise of the holy bells, the twinkling stars on the Christmas trees and of course, for the soul in the red coat.  As children, we all wait for the festival to have our gifts from the kind Santa. The darling lyrics, Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..”, even today makes me curious to meet the Santa. Yes, the same Santa who is supposed to come and shower gifts on us while we sleep. But I want to meet that holy figure with open eyes. Sometimes I tried to write a letter to Santa for sending the invitation but confused as to where should I post it.

Now when the Christmas is almost around the corner my childhood desire has started re-shaping. On the eve of Christmas, we generally call our friends, have a get-together and enjoy the day with our holy feasts but this time a soul is adamant to have the holy ambiance. I know that it is not a genuine demand but I have an idea to keep my self quite close, even closer to this holy ambiance.

Why not celebrate the festival exactly at the place where Christ was brought up for the sake of redemption of the humanity. Yes, I am talking about the Nazareth, the place where the Gods son took the avatar. This place is known to have witnessed the 20 years of Christ’s life. The Nazareth village is venerated as the holiest place since it has witnessed the journey of the Holy family. Quite near to it is Jerusalem, where as a child, Jesus confused the theologians with his great knowledge about Torah.If you want you may visit this divine land too.

The White mosque here in the village regarded as the actual place that sheltered the parents of Jesus. The popular well here is now regarded as St. Mary’s Well. Yes, it is the same well used by Mother Mary to fill her jars. Not only this, you can also visit the White Mosque too. It is the same place where Annunciation took place and angel Gabriel informed Mother Mary that she is going to mother a divine child.

At  several points of time, we get to read or hear the accounts around Christ’s life but to actually visit the place where he played as a child, grew to manhood would indeed be a great experience. The very feeling of walking over the same mountain ranges, paths that was once walked on by a Messiah, would be like walking on the paths that he had shown to the humanity.

Visiting this place, a child could envisage himself as a companion of child Christ, while the elders could find themselves following Christs as His followers. Breathing in the same air that once Christ breathed might give you a feeling of being sanctified and redeemed since it was the whole endeavor of Christ. The hometown of Christ has many churches across its lanes that marks His footprints and invite us to bless us.

So, without much ado lets schedule our visit to this sacred place to wish the little “Nazarene” a very Happy Birthday! And who knows He might make me meet my Santa, as a return gift.



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