Career benefits of Learning Languages

After completing my school studies, most of my friends were enjoying the status of being idle for a long span of two months. This two month duration was the so-called ‘haunting time’ before the results were to come out. If the results were to say ‘Passed’, my College Life was to get started in a few months time. I decided to take the positive flight and started researching about the respective career options; all depending upon my areas of interests.

There were about 3-4 career options rooting in my mind. Some were forced while some lied under my arena of favorites. The forced ones gradually belong to your parents/relatives wishes assuming the successful candidates in mind and eventually end up dreaming about their own child doing the same. Funny that!

I ‘finally’ had to choose my road between Hotel Management and Foreign Language. Since I always had my first love for the latter, a final decision was made with respect to Foreign Language.

Earlier people had a perception that ‘it was better sticking to one than to get bothered with two (languages). Further, more absurd views suggested that Bilingual people might have dual personalities. But these myths started taking a new shape altogether. As a result, the need for understanding Foreign Languages started rising day by day. Hence, many renowned universities across the globe are offering such courses today. College students, Job seekers, World travelers, all are well aware of the obvious advantages of learning new languages.

Career benefits of Learning Languages
Career benefits of Learning Languages

To be able to communicate in another language is definitely an add-on to your CV (Curriculum Vitae). Let’s take a tour at the innumerable career benefits of learning a language.

  • ‘International Social Relations’, has recently become a popular subject. People see it as a mass weapon to grab hold of. Studying the subject lets you know about the relation between different nations. This way, you can better relate to the people of the country, understand better the facts and documents.
  • Traveling always remains an enriching experience, isn’t it? You come into contact with people of different social cultures, traditions and languages. And language is an integral part of any business. Say, learning french in France would develop attachment with the country and so its people.

  • Knowledge of an extra language helps one to expand his/her Social Circle as well. Foreign Language adds an extra asset to your personality while you extend your family ties and social network.

  • If you are planning to Study Abroad, it would be easier for you to mingle with students of different nationalities speaking different languages. As in some countries, knowledge of their language is compulsory as well.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” –Charles The Great. Learning a language might seem like a tough task but it is worth the effort. It opens up your mind to accept new ideas, make you more aware helping you to communicate in a much better way.



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