The Most Amazing National Parks

For all those who love nature and believe in preserving the gifts that the nature has bestowed over us, national parks are places of great interest and curiosity. Looking at the human history we can surmise that we human beings can survive in any kind of situation but our planet partners are not lucky enough. These birds and animals need to struggle a lot for living if their natural habitat is disturbed. Although, we have happily adapted ourselves with the rapid development in science and technology but the fauna still has to migrate from places to places in their struggle against such developments. In such conditions, national parks serve as a natural abode to them.

Maintaining biodiversity, a national park preserves a good range of flora and fauna. Thus, provide a fair opportunity to our posterity to learn about the being they are going to share the planet with. However, apart from preserving the endangered species of birds and animals, these parks also look after the natural bodies of great natural value. Many a beautiful waterfalls, snow covered hills, natural geysers, magnificent mountains, glaciers etc. are preserved very carefully by the national parks. Researching over some such parks I came across some amazing national parks that are not only known for the wildlife conservation but also for their natural values.

The Great smoky mountain national park: Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this National park was established in 1934 .This most visited national park in US, is known for its cloud wrapped mountains. Fog and clouds cast their veil over its great mountains which are also known as “smokies” giving it a beautiful site to be visited again and again.


Arches National Park : A landscape of more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, it maintains a beautiful site for archaeologists, architects and all art lovers. The famous arch of Elephant Butte belongs to this park only. It satisfies various art lovers with its beautiful formations and contrasting colors. Located in US, this land of red stones was established as a national park in 1971.


Yosemite National Park: The Yosemite national Park is known for its awe-inspiring valleys, waterfalls, wilderness. The famous Horsetail Fall attracts a remarkable crowd of visitors every year. This famous fall is also known as “Firefall” for the natural phenomena that gives it a fiery look. A prime location in US, the Yosemite valley is also known for being the World Heritage Site.


Yellowstone National Park: Variously regarded as the world’s first National park, this park is known for its geothermal attributes. Famous for its natural geysers, the land was designated as a national park in 1872. The famous Old Faithful geyser forms the cynosure here.


Rocky Mountain National Park: The park is a home to a wide range of wildlife, elevated rocky mountains and as many as 150 lakes. A good site for trekking and camping the park attracts many visitors every year.


Crater National Park:The park has been named after the beautiful Crater lake that the land possess. One of the deepest lake in US, it flows at the crest of a famous mountain range known as Cascade. It came into existence as a national park as early as 1908.


Carlsbad Caverns National Park: A home to more than 100 caves, this national park is also known as the land of caves. One of the world’s largest natural chamber is found here. These caves are a result of natural phenomena that dissolved the limestone that surrounded the place.


Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve:A land of water, coastlines, glaciers, snow and lakes, the place can happily be visited via ships or cruise. This heaven on earth is found in the range of US. A study says that around 2 million people visit this one of the most amazing national parks.


Kenai Fjords National Park:A land of ice fields, glaciers and fjords the land was established as a national park in 1980. Harding , one of the largest ice fields and Bear, one of the largest glaciers are the cynosure of the park. And apart from this it possesses a wide range of wildlife.


Death Valley National park: The land is a conservation of Desert environment. Also, known as the “land of extremes” the land has its temperature over 100 degrees. Although the valley has got a morbid name, a wide range of life succeeds in surviving here!


These are a few amazing national parks that are to be visited in order to witness some of the awe-inspiring natural bodies and to understand the value of their conservation. There is no dearth of such valuable parks on earth. However, I mentioned some and if you have information about any such marvel, do share!


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