Best Restaurants in Berlin Germany

Ganymed Brasserie: Ganymed Brasserie is one of the few riverside best restaurants in Berlin Germany. It has a terrace which provides a great view for watching boats sailing by on the Spree and spotting trains moving across the railway bridge into busy Friedrichstrasse station. The rich tradition is reflected in the brasserie-style French cuisine which is simple, regionally sourced and delicious. The menu also lays down mussels and biological salmon, Muscovy duck breast and lamb, snails and oysters, Alsatian Flammkuchen (pizza) and heartwarming sauerkraut dishes. A good wine completes the sumptuous meal.

Ganymed Brasserie
Ganymed Brasserie

Hartmanns: Hartmann serves exquisite French food in a classy white interior. The regular set menu spreads three to seven courses, includes dishes like monkfish with artichoke, cod in tomato stock, seabass and a cheese platter.  The lavish menu has mouth-watering starters and sumptuous main courses. Stefan Hartmann with reasonable prices and the cool atmosphere is one of the best choice among many restaurants in Berlin. Enjoy a romantic meal by the fireplace in winterStefan .

Lutter and Wegner: Have fine-dining experience with Lutter and Wegner! Lutter and Wegner is situated in a great historical building. The restaurant has an Austrian-inspired menu which consists of native dishes. Drop in winter to try famous mouth-watering and irresistible dishes. Warm yourself with great company and order you very favorite Wiener schnitzel!

Theodor Tucher: Theodor Tucher is located in the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This is one of the best place to have authentic German dishes. This restaurant serves great sumptuous dishes. Enjoy some hard-resisting grilled asparagus. Also, try some great meals such as lamb shoulder and ox cheeks. Drop in summer to enjoy great meal and amazing time. Go German with Theodor Tucher!


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