George Washington’s affair with gardens

We celebrate the Washington’s birthday to mark the day when our nation’s great President George Washington was born. Washington was a great President who shaped the glorious future of United States of America. But do any of us know about George Washington’s affair with gardens.  

George Washington at Mount Vernon

Gardens are beautiful and rosy. Gardens take us to an amazing journey. They remind us of poets who had great love for gardens. Washington was a great connoisseur of gardens. He took care of plants and flowers growing in his garden. He lived to the spirit of a great planter. He planted trees at Mount Vernon.

Washington brought many native flora to United States of America. He got beautiful shrubs and plants in the walkways around the Bowling Green. He is discussed widely for his huge passion for nature. During his time, he was one of the patron of art of gardening. His image of a great president has often dominated his love for gardens.

Garden at Mount Vernon

Washington’s letters bear the testimonies of his love for gardens. His  letters strongly revealed his love for flowers and flora. Although Washington’s expression for nature was not as loud as his policies but as a nature-lover he truly deserves the appreciation and kudos. A big cheer to this great leader for his love for flowery and colorful gardens!

Today on Washington’s birthday, when we remember George Washington as one of the greatest presidents of all time in history, we stop for a moment to look back at his love for gardens.  Although his persona as a president and leader has overshadowed his affairs with gardens, we should not forget his immense contribution to the flora of United States of America.


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