The Mystery behind Changi Beach

The Changi Beach
The Changi Beach

We love listening to the ghost stories from the very childhood. But some ghost stories are not just stories. They are real. Let’s try unfolding the mystery behind the serene and tranquil, Changi Beach, Singapore. Despite being known for its share of paranormal activities, it attracts the localities and the tourists with it’s spectacular beauty of sunrise and sunset. Beauty may have a bitter truth behind, so does this beach. Just check it out!!!

The mysterious place was the killing ground of numerous Chinese people, during the Sook Ching massacre of the Second World War. Chinese were blamed for going against the Japanese and were considered as anti-Japanese, though it is a myth. They were brutally tortured and killed because of the same reason. Hence it is associated of being one of the most popular haunted places of Asia. To add on to this, the Old Changi Hospital and Changi Beach House are considered as two of the most haunted buildings in Asia.

Dreadful Event while Shooting
Dreadful Event while Shooting

During the Second World War in the year 1942, Singapore was captured by Japanese. By hook or crook, Japanese wanted to get rid of the anti-Japanese people. Poor Chinese started becoming underground and hiding themselves, they were rendered homeless and helpless. Not only Chinese, but some Britishers and Australians were also trapped in the trap. Though all the suspects were killed then and there, yet a majority of soldiers were left who were tied and taken to Changi Beach. Thousands of soldiers were tortured, beheaded and their body was cut vertically into two halves by the Japanese. The thought leaves us grief stricken!!

Old Changi Hospital
Old Changi Hospital

The beach was a kind of graveyard for thousand of innocent people who were chiefly soldiers. Let us see why:-

  • People visiting this area during dawn and dusk often complain of hearing painful cries of soldiers and sometimes women, which is a hair raising experience.

  • Blood stains are often seen on the sand, even after the waves wipes of the sand.

  • The cut heads of Chinese soldiers is often seen flying there and begging for help.

  • The headless bodies walking by the shore and sobbing have been observed.

  • People are panic stricken to see ghostly execution leaving the blood dripping along with deadly screams and shouts.

  • During the night people observe dug holes as if they were used for burying bodies.

  • In January, 2010, a group of local filmmakers began exploring the popular haunted Old Changi Hospital in Singapore. They managed to capture a lot of scary footage with shadows and figures.

There are numerous rented houses by the beach. Paranormal activities associated with Changi Beach houses are:-

  • Most of the people complain that someone is staring at them constantly. 
  • People are slapped by unknown faces while they are taking bath. 
  • Non-stop creaking noise of the old door. 
  • Possessions of the dead stained with blood
Changi Beach Park
Changi Beach Park

The grief behind the untimely death of the innocent people can never be replaced. The mystery remains unsolved even today!!!


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