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The “Burning Man” Has Something Important To Say!

There is a possibility that many of us, in the world, do not know about the “Burning man festival” of United States. But this year, there is a good reason for everyone to know about it. Before anything, first let’s talk about what this happening festival is all about! If you want to explore your strength and yourself then “Burning Man” is the right event for you. It’s a week long event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, United States. The event organizes a temporary city for the burners, from all the corners of world, without much of the amenities. You are left at what you bring along. You learn to adapt yourself amid the scarce resources without compromising with the joy quotient. You actually enjoy the freedom of expression here and explore your artistic creativity sometimes by creating a costume of straws or by making an umbrella of waste materials.

Come for the community!
Come for the community!

And yes, Burning Man is actually burning an effigy so just RELAX! Now try to relate the event with the prevailing condition of the world today. The condition that raises question at one’s understanding of one’s nationality and sense of humanity. I believe you know what condition am I talking about. Yes, it’s the feeling of hatred that is advancing speedily among everyone of us. The prevailing condition is no less than a World War since every other country, in a direct or indirect way, is involved in this war full of hatred. The hatred because of which one is killing the other and the hatred that we feel for those who commit such butchery.

With people coming from all walks of life, this event instills in you a sense of community. A community that never asks what part of the world you belong to, a community where each member is always ready to help the other with what they have and the other doesn’t have. This week-long event is like a big family picnic where the members relish in peace and harmony, keeping alive their spirit and zeal. The way these members manage with the scarce resources, would remind you of the Barter system. But NO! You don’t sell things to your family members, you share! This Sharing is actually the aspect that makes this event possible. There’s no peace in the world but the world created here, is one that we envisage as UTOPIA. So, if we can live happily with unknown people around, for so many days why not always.

Today, we all have everything still we fight for a piece of land and this piece of land lacks everything. Still peace resides here, at the event! How? Why? Think! Why can’t we make this community possible at a larger level? Why can’t we see the whole world as a big community, a community which is no less than a family? What is this Israel-Palestine conflict for? Why so many innocent lives are in danger? Why in Iraq a journalist, far away from his family, was beheaded so brutally? Why people can’t live like a group but can form a group like ISIS?? What has made the situation so worse that we can’t avoid discussing such depressing elements? No matter, whether you are in the war inflicted area or not, you get affected mentally and emotionally. Can’t we learn anything from this “Burning Man festival”? Doesn’t it symbolize what we lack today?

Asked so many questions. Someone please answer! Let’s just utilize this event, this time for spreading a message of community, humanity across the planet. Make sure that the effigy that you burn this time symbolize nothing but Hatred, Enmity, Terror, Fear and all those evil aspects that shouldn’t ever be the part of human beings.


World War Ended or Extended…??

Hundred years ago, the whole world witnessed a phase, that is, World War I that divided the world itself. The word ‘Humanity’ was either killed or it got lost somewhere in the war. Many a souls who didn’t even know what the whole war is all about lost everything to it. However, the destructive part has become a history now. And the present is peaceful, humanity runs in the blood of each and every creature, the world is united. PEACEFUL, HUMANITY, UNITY and PRESENT?? You’ve got to be kidding me!

In the pages of history, World War I got over in 1918 but can the present actually believe it? The war that began in 1914, could not be subdued till now. Instead, with the passage of time, advancement of science and advanced technology, the wars are now less manual and more a ‘game of mind’. Wars are now more technical, more advanced and hence more DEVASTATING!

Horror! Horror!
Horror! Horror!

You may hear cries, lamentations coming from every part of the world. These 100 years have seen hundreds of such wars, with each one no less destructive than the World War I. Nothing could be more ghastly than the atomic attack that ravaged Hiroshima and Nagasaki the impact of which is visible even today and suffered by today’s generation as well. Can anyone of you forget those fateful planes that were crashed into the twin towers of World Trade Center, this attack took toll on as many as 3,000 lives? You don’t have to give strain to your minds in remembering a recent attack on an International passenger flight of Malaysia, that was shot down at Ukraine-Russia border. Who were to blame here, the citizens of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, people who were there at the World trade center or the people who were traveling via the flight?

Destruction everywhere!
Destruction everywhere!

Few days back, a news came from Iraq that around 1,700 soldiers were massacred brutally by ISIS. The number of killings and bombings in Gaza city is changing every day only to show a picture, more horrible. In every page of a newspaper, you would find news around the bombings, killings, destructions that are taking place in Gaza city, Israel, Iraq and many other cities or countries. The situation has become much worse than before with a slight change in the whole scenario; earlier, it was a war between different nations but now the war takes place within a nation. People who share same space, feel same air, walk on same path become too bloodthirsty to see anyone alive. And, the reason why people and nations are stabbing each other is beyond my reason.

Are such wars real reasons as to why we are hunting for other planets, to ESCAPE? In any war World War I, World War II, India-Pakistan war or Israel-Palestine, the ones who suffer the most are common people. Just to prove one’s vain supremacy over issues like Region, Religion, Nation etc, we are not only ruining the present but sending the same message to our future as well. A bloody future! If we fail to stop all such atrocities & destructions, the day is not far when we will be facing the The Third World War since the present designs the FUTURE! Time to think, what kind of future are we planning for the coming generations? Decide now! Whether you want them to “Blame” you or “Thank” you?