When Bruises Become a Mark of Pride

It's orange this time!
It’s orange this time!

Whhumm…thud…thud! Plop..plop…plop! You should have come to Italy to hear some similar and thundering sounds everywhere in air. In short, you should have attended the ‘Battaglia delle Arance’ or ‘The Battle of oranges’. Oranges?? Yes, the battle is not about how many oranges you are able to digest but how many oranges you are able to hurl at your target that too with utter precision in a much chaotic zone. You are advised to visit the country next time adorning yourself with a tough armor, you never know who might be targeting you.

The three-day long carnival makes people go crazy out of celebration. Although the festival is full of different kind of insanity, fear, violence it carries with itself a great historical significance. This battle of oranges actually symbolizes the city’s defiance against the tyranny and the tyrants. It is believed that one of the tyrant lord of the city named Raineri di Biandrate who gave himself a right to spend the night with anyone’s bride on their wedding night, was decapitated by a brave bride remembered as Violletta.  Ever since then the carnival got its existence.

The battle, of course, takes place between two teams-one on wagon and another on foot. The “foot” team here represents the commoner who rebel against the tyranny. Whereas, the  eight men on wagon represent the team of tyrants who actually throw oranges at people not less than 500 in number and are reciprocated by each one of them. Only a brave and a tough guy can get on the wagon drawn by horses.  Generally, we don’t hear people incurring major injuries in this festival oops battle, however, people do celebrate their black eye and mark of bruises as an emblem of bravery and pride.

There is also a romantic aspect to the festival, it is believed that during the 19th Century, women started hurling the oranges at the men they used to like and the men used to hurl back if they felt the same way. Thus, along with mark of pride the bruise mark becomes a token of love for the young souls.

On the day of “Fat Tuesday”, the judges give awards to the best performing team and conclude the festival with a solemn funeral. People return back to their homes with few cuts and marks over their body and make a show off all of them to every which friend of them. To give their cuts a wide recognition they have their selfies, with the cut at its center, posted on social networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp. These people actually compare themselves with the soldiers who fight wholeheartedly for the sake of their nation. The more cuts and injuries you get, the more stars get added to your badge.

Now that you know about the festival don’t get shocked to see oranges flying in the sky instead of birds. And do walk with heavy steps on the orange-smashed roads that add to the festivity. Most importantly, do come in your old outfits and gadgets because ultimately it’s all going to get ravaged.


George Washington’s affair with gardens

We celebrate the Washington’s birthday to mark the day when our nation’s great President George Washington was born. Washington was a great President who shaped the glorious future of United States of America. But do any of us know about George Washington’s affair with gardens.  

George Washington at Mount Vernon

Gardens are beautiful and rosy. Gardens take us to an amazing journey. They remind us of poets who had great love for gardens. Washington was a great connoisseur of gardens. He took care of plants and flowers growing in his garden. He lived to the spirit of a great planter. He planted trees at Mount Vernon.

Washington brought many native flora to United States of America. He got beautiful shrubs and plants in the walkways around the Bowling Green. He is discussed widely for his huge passion for nature. During his time, he was one of the patron of art of gardening. His image of a great president has often dominated his love for gardens.

Garden at Mount Vernon

Washington’s letters bear the testimonies of his love for gardens. His  letters strongly revealed his love for flowers and flora. Although Washington’s expression for nature was not as loud as his policies but as a nature-lover he truly deserves the appreciation and kudos. A big cheer to this great leader for his love for flowery and colorful gardens!

Today on Washington’s birthday, when we remember George Washington as one of the greatest presidents of all time in history, we stop for a moment to look back at his love for gardens.  Although his persona as a president and leader has overshadowed his affairs with gardens, we should not forget his immense contribution to the flora of United States of America.

The Mystery behind Changi Beach

The Changi Beach
The Changi Beach

We love listening to the ghost stories from the very childhood. But some ghost stories are not just stories. They are real. Let’s try unfolding the mystery behind the serene and tranquil, Changi Beach, Singapore. Despite being known for its share of paranormal activities, it attracts the localities and the tourists with it’s spectacular beauty of sunrise and sunset. Beauty may have a bitter truth behind, so does this beach. Just check it out!!!

The mysterious place was the killing ground of numerous Chinese people, during the Sook Ching massacre of the Second World War. Chinese were blamed for going against the Japanese and were considered as anti-Japanese, though it is a myth. They were brutally tortured and killed because of the same reason. Hence it is associated of being one of the most popular haunted places of Asia. To add on to this, the Old Changi Hospital and Changi Beach House are considered as two of the most haunted buildings in Asia.

Dreadful Event while Shooting
Dreadful Event while Shooting

During the Second World War in the year 1942, Singapore was captured by Japanese. By hook or crook, Japanese wanted to get rid of the anti-Japanese people. Poor Chinese started becoming underground and hiding themselves, they were rendered homeless and helpless. Not only Chinese, but some Britishers and Australians were also trapped in the trap. Though all the suspects were killed then and there, yet a majority of soldiers were left who were tied and taken to Changi Beach. Thousands of soldiers were tortured, beheaded and their body was cut vertically into two halves by the Japanese. The thought leaves us grief stricken!!

Old Changi Hospital
Old Changi Hospital

The beach was a kind of graveyard for thousand of innocent people who were chiefly soldiers. Let us see why:-

  • People visiting this area during dawn and dusk often complain of hearing painful cries of soldiers and sometimes women, which is a hair raising experience.

  • Blood stains are often seen on the sand, even after the waves wipes of the sand.

  • The cut heads of Chinese soldiers is often seen flying there and begging for help.

  • The headless bodies walking by the shore and sobbing have been observed.

  • People are panic stricken to see ghostly execution leaving the blood dripping along with deadly screams and shouts.

  • During the night people observe dug holes as if they were used for burying bodies.

  • In January, 2010, a group of local filmmakers began exploring the popular haunted Old Changi Hospital in Singapore. They managed to capture a lot of scary footage with shadows and figures.

There are numerous rented houses by the beach. Paranormal activities associated with Changi Beach houses are:-

  • Most of the people complain that someone is staring at them constantly. 
  • People are slapped by unknown faces while they are taking bath. 
  • Non-stop creaking noise of the old door. 
  • Possessions of the dead stained with blood
Changi Beach Park
Changi Beach Park

The grief behind the untimely death of the innocent people can never be replaced. The mystery remains unsolved even today!!!

Best Restaurants in Berlin Germany

Ganymed Brasserie: Ganymed Brasserie is one of the few riverside best restaurants in Berlin Germany. It has a terrace which provides a great view for watching boats sailing by on the Spree and spotting trains moving across the railway bridge into busy Friedrichstrasse station. The rich tradition is reflected in the brasserie-style French cuisine which is simple, regionally sourced and delicious. The menu also lays down mussels and biological salmon, Muscovy duck breast and lamb, snails and oysters, Alsatian Flammkuchen (pizza) and heartwarming sauerkraut dishes. A good wine completes the sumptuous meal.

Ganymed Brasserie
Ganymed Brasserie

Hartmanns: Hartmann serves exquisite French food in a classy white interior. The regular set menu spreads three to seven courses, includes dishes like monkfish with artichoke, cod in tomato stock, seabass and a cheese platter.  The lavish menu has mouth-watering starters and sumptuous main courses. Stefan Hartmann with reasonable prices and the cool atmosphere is one of the best choice among many restaurants in Berlin. Enjoy a romantic meal by the fireplace in winterStefan .

Lutter and Wegner: Have fine-dining experience with Lutter and Wegner! Lutter and Wegner is situated in a great historical building. The restaurant has an Austrian-inspired menu which consists of native dishes. Drop in winter to try famous mouth-watering and irresistible dishes. Warm yourself with great company and order you very favorite Wiener schnitzel!

Theodor Tucher: Theodor Tucher is located in the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This is one of the best place to have authentic German dishes. This restaurant serves great sumptuous dishes. Enjoy some hard-resisting grilled asparagus. Also, try some great meals such as lamb shoulder and ox cheeks. Drop in summer to enjoy great meal and amazing time. Go German with Theodor Tucher!

And the race begins…

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them……”,Ernest Hemingway

The mentioned quote of Ernest Hemingway forces us to compare a cyclist with a person driving a car. Indeed, the one who travels by cycle has a greater reach towards all the corners of a city than to the latter one. An enthusiast cyclist never stops himself from treading into any course whether plain, sloppy or mountainous.

Cycling and swimming are said to be something once learnt, learnt forever. And of course, many health benefits are also associated with them. However, lets talk about how cycling helps us in growing up healthier. It’s a kind of exercise that involves the whole body. Thus, strengthens our body in a holistic manner:

  • Keeps away from heart diseases

  • Reduces  diabetes

  • Keeps the blood pressure in control

  • Strengthens body muscles, especially, leg muscles

  • You can enjoy your sweetmeats even while riding since it burns calories efficiently

However, people like to enjoy it more as a sport than as an exercise. And, it was the spirit of one’s competitiveness that brought cycling into Olympics in 1896. There are many different cycling categories in which cycle racing takes place. But before introducing these categories to you let me make it very clear that as a sport, this sweet and simple cycling is full of technicalities like track’s width, cyclist’s timing, kind of bikes, bla..bla..bla…Well, I really don’t understand these technicalities, just wanna enjoy cycling the way it is. So, let’s begin the race without dwelling much into these technicalities…

  1. Road bicycle racing – In this category, the competitive riders need to start simultaneously in order to catch up with each other’s speed. The form requires an ability to ride safely in a herd of many riders. The sport is popularly played in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

Catch up the speed
Catch up the speed!
  1. Individual time trialling – For the game it is said, “It doesn’t matter what time anyone else got- first and foremost, you are racing against yourself.” It’s all about racing against a competitor called “clock”. In the race, you are left with a bicycle, a thumping heart and, of course, with the tick-tack of a  clock. People from England and Wales are more devoted towards this particular race.

A race against time
A race against the time!
  1. Cyclocross racing – Well, this is the race where your cycle gets a fair chance to ride on you. Baffled! But I actually mean it. As the name suggests, ‘cyclo’ which means something to do with cycles and ‘cross’ means to cross an obstacle. In the race, the riders are provided with a course full of obstacles like steep hills, wooden trails and grass. To pass these obstacles, the cyclists need to shoulder their cycles and run. Therefore, if you are planning to participate in any such race, make sure you have a bike quite light in weight. France, Belgium and Netherlands are the place where this particular race is mostly organized.

Run shouldering it
Run shouldering it!
  1. Track cycling – It’s all about one’s speed, technique, balance and tactics since you need to ride on an oval wooden track with many riders pursuing you. Countries like Belgium, France, Germany and UK are now its main centers.

Careful! It's an oval track.
Careful! It’s an oval track.
  1. Bicycle motocross (BMX) – Here lies another obstacle full track for you, where you need to cross them all without losing your grip from your bike. If the pilled up dirt paves your way for small jumps, we have wooden ramps too where you can enjoy high jumps.

Enjoy jumping
Enjoy jumping!
  1. Mountain bike trials – Another race with too many obstacles but here lies the test of your quickness, alertness, smartness and patience. This one is different from other races since in it you can’t set your foot on ground while crossing the obstacles.

Can't set your foot on ground
Can’t set your foot on ground.
  1. Cycle speedways – The race takes place on small oval tracks with no gears and tracks to operate on. Your ‘pedal power’ works as the required fuel. Countries like England, Scotland, Wales, Poland and Australia are some nations that take special interest in this race.

"Pedal power"
“Pedal power”
  1. Mountain bike racing – As the name suggests, you are not going to have smooth and regular tracks but need to race in the lap of nature. In a single race,  you will have the experience of different tracks. Somewhere you will have slopes, then descents and many such rough natural tracks. Thus, you need to be very good with paddling on any kind of track. Australia, Canada, France are the nations that produces such daring cyclists.

Enjoy different tracks!
Enjoy different tracks!

Since we are talking about cycle racing let me break the news to you that  the tracks have been set for the UCI Track World Championships 2014. The event is going to take place in Cali, Colombia from 26th of February to 2nd of March. So, all you cyclists around get ready with your lucky bikes to win the race with. And you! The sport’s fans, don’t miss the chance to witness the most happening event of the year.

Awe-inspiring but Uninhabited Islands in the World

Imagine a morning when you wake up only to find yourself on one of the uninhabited Islands. How would you react? The way Chuck Noland, the great survivor, of Cast Away reacted or managed to come out of it or we will have another Christopher Columbus discovering a new nation? Sounds adventurous! But how on earth can there be any uninhabited place? Past few decades have seen a tremendous increase in human population occupying each and every bit of land for making it their abode.

However, our beautiful earth managed to maintain the beauty of some untouched and unexplored Islands. Everything that the nature encompasses of, has a beauty of its own and it solely depends on human eyes how they perceive it. Visiting these Uninhabited islands you can either wonder as to why people don’t find this paradise suitable to live in or you might feel uncomfortable with the different environment. Here, is a list of some awe-inspiring but uninhabited Islands:

Jaco Island-  Your trip to East Timor would be incomplete if you don’t visit its Jaco Island. The charm of the Island is such that you will be suggested to visit Jaco every now and then by whosoever you meet there. The pristine Island is considered sacred by the Timorese and this is probably the actual reason as to why it is uninhabited. People there want to maintain the sanctity of the place by keeping this untouched, free from any human intervention. However, among tourists it is known for its sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise water and different kind of beautiful fishes. The land has to be protected since it falls into East Timor’s National park named Nino konis Santana.

Jaco Island
Jaco Island

Clipperton Island- The Island is located at the South of Mexico. The coral atoll was once an inhabited island but because of the Mexican Civil war and the World war 2, the land stopped getting its basic requirements thus, was abandoned by the natives completely. The Island is now visited occasionally for mining, research and fishing but with the permission of French government. The most interesting thing about the island is that it is named after a pirate called John Clipperton who made the Island his hideout. The land is known for its freshwater and eutrophic lagoon.

clipperton Island
clipperton Island

Mu ko Aug Thang-  The Gulf of Thailand is indeed famous for its varied cuisines but apart from this, it is also famous for its “group of islands”. It’s an archipelago of more than 40 Islands of different sizes and shapes. Phaluai, Wua Talap, Mae Ko, Wua Chio, Samsao are some of its famous Islands. These islands are famous for their beautiful caves, white sand beaches, thick forests and rock formations.

Mu ko Aug Thang
Mu ko Aug Thang

Cocos Island- Valued by the Scuba divers the Island is also known for its rich marine fauna like hammerhead sharks, dolphins and also for its volcanic tunnels. Famous as a treasure hunting site the Island is located off the Costa Rican coast. But, don’t forget to take permission from the Costa Rican government before visiting the Island.

Cocos Island
Cocos Island

Phoenix Islands- Considered as world’s largest marine protected island, it is an archipelago of around eight atolls. The undisturbed ecosystem of the Islands harbor a vast population of marine fauna and flora. The healthy evolution of this population proves that it is actually the human intervention that has led to the extinction of many species of flora and fauna.


Adabra Island- World’s most giant tortoise family welcomes you on Adabra Island. The extremely isolated Island is considered as one of the largest coral atoll of the world. Because of its inaccessibility, it is still undisturbed by human interference. This World heritage site is visited mainly by naturalists and scientists. Enclosing a shallow lagoon, the whole island is surrounded by a beautiful reef. Its lack of fresh water seems to be the only reason of it being a beautiful but uninhabited place.

Aldabra Island

Mamanuca Island- A group of around 20 beautiful island wants to be explored by you. The volcanic archipelago has islands like Bounty, Malol and Treasure. These islands have got beautiful beaches and lagoons that make them a popular tourist place. A great number of the species of fish reign over the waters of these islands. A part of this island was starred in the movie Cast Away!

Manamuca Island
Manamuca Island

Tetepare Island- Once a land of human traverse, now the land is completely uninhabited. It is now considered for its archaeological value and also for the great species of flora and fauna that the island shelters. The pristine land is completely surrounded by rain-forest. The remnants of the extinct settlement can be found in the form of burial shrines present here. The reason as to why people deserted the land of wonder is still unknown.

Tetepare Island
Tetepare Island

The list of these islands is just an example to acknowledge that there are many such marvels in the lap of nature that are still to be explored. We should try to hunt some time out of our busy schedules and come out from under our rocks to know more about the planet we inhabit. I truly believe that there are some natural bodies that need to be entirely untouched for the sake of maintaining their beauty. However, that does not mean we should let them lie hidden instead try to glorify them in all possible manner. But heyii! You have not answered me so far how would you react if got stuck on any of these uninhabited islands??


The Most Amazing National Parks

For all those who love nature and believe in preserving the gifts that the nature has bestowed over us, national parks are places of great interest and curiosity. Looking at the human history we can surmise that we human beings can survive in any kind of situation but our planet partners are not lucky enough. These birds and animals need to struggle a lot for living if their natural habitat is disturbed. Although, we have happily adapted ourselves with the rapid development in science and technology but the fauna still has to migrate from places to places in their struggle against such developments. In such conditions, national parks serve as a natural abode to them.

Maintaining biodiversity, a national park preserves a good range of flora and fauna. Thus, provide a fair opportunity to our posterity to learn about the being they are going to share the planet with. However, apart from preserving the endangered species of birds and animals, these parks also look after the natural bodies of great natural value. Many a beautiful waterfalls, snow covered hills, natural geysers, magnificent mountains, glaciers etc. are preserved very carefully by the national parks. Researching over some such parks I came across some amazing national parks that are not only known for the wildlife conservation but also for their natural values.

The Great smoky mountain national park: Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this National park was established in 1934 .This most visited national park in US, is known for its cloud wrapped mountains. Fog and clouds cast their veil over its great mountains which are also known as “smokies” giving it a beautiful site to be visited again and again.


Arches National Park : A landscape of more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, it maintains a beautiful site for archaeologists, architects and all art lovers. The famous arch of Elephant Butte belongs to this park only. It satisfies various art lovers with its beautiful formations and contrasting colors. Located in US, this land of red stones was established as a national park in 1971.


Yosemite National Park: The Yosemite national Park is known for its awe-inspiring valleys, waterfalls, wilderness. The famous Horsetail Fall attracts a remarkable crowd of visitors every year. This famous fall is also known as “Firefall” for the natural phenomena that gives it a fiery look. A prime location in US, the Yosemite valley is also known for being the World Heritage Site.


Yellowstone National Park: Variously regarded as the world’s first National park, this park is known for its geothermal attributes. Famous for its natural geysers, the land was designated as a national park in 1872. The famous Old Faithful geyser forms the cynosure here.


Rocky Mountain National Park: The park is a home to a wide range of wildlife, elevated rocky mountains and as many as 150 lakes. A good site for trekking and camping the park attracts many visitors every year.


Crater National Park:The park has been named after the beautiful Crater lake that the land possess. One of the deepest lake in US, it flows at the crest of a famous mountain range known as Cascade. It came into existence as a national park as early as 1908.


Carlsbad Caverns National Park: A home to more than 100 caves, this national park is also known as the land of caves. One of the world’s largest natural chamber is found here. These caves are a result of natural phenomena that dissolved the limestone that surrounded the place.


Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve:A land of water, coastlines, glaciers, snow and lakes, the place can happily be visited via ships or cruise. This heaven on earth is found in the range of US. A study says that around 2 million people visit this one of the most amazing national parks.


Kenai Fjords National Park:A land of ice fields, glaciers and fjords the land was established as a national park in 1980. Harding , one of the largest ice fields and Bear, one of the largest glaciers are the cynosure of the park. And apart from this it possesses a wide range of wildlife.


Death Valley National park: The land is a conservation of Desert environment. Also, known as the “land of extremes” the land has its temperature over 100 degrees. Although the valley has got a morbid name, a wide range of life succeeds in surviving here!


These are a few amazing national parks that are to be visited in order to witness some of the awe-inspiring natural bodies and to understand the value of their conservation. There is no dearth of such valuable parks on earth. However, I mentioned some and if you have information about any such marvel, do share!

Information About London Bridge

London Bridge
London Bridge

Along with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, the Tower Bridge tops Great Britain’s list of architectural icons that make up London’s distinctive skyline. While not the first bridge to span the Thames, Tower Bridge is the most recognizable and is often mistakenly referred to as “London Bridge.” While Tower Bridge is one of the world’s most famous bridges, few know its rich history. In fact, information about London Bridge is never complete without visiting its history.

Old London Bridge

The Old London Bridge of nursery rhyme fame dates from 1176, when Peter, a priest and chaplain of St. Mary’s of Colechurch, began construction of the foundation. Replacing a timber bridge (one of several built in late Roman and early medieval times), Peter’s structure was the first great stone arch bridge built in Britain. It was to consist of 19 pointed arches, each with a span of approximately 24 feet (7 metres), built on piers 20 feet (6 metres) wide; a 20th opening was designed to be spanned by a wooden drawbridge. The stone foundations of the piers were built inside cofferdams made by driving timber piles into the riverbed; these in turn were surrounded by starlings (loose stone filling enclosed by piles). As a result of obstructions encountered during pile driving, the span of the constructed arches actually varied from 15 to 34 feet (5 to 10 metres). In addition, the width of the protective starlings was so great that the total waterway was reduced to a quarter of its original width, and the tide roared through the narrow archways like a millrace. “Shooting the bridge” in a small boat became one of the thrills of Londoners.

In 1205, Peter of Colechurch died, and three other London citizens completed the bridge by 1209. Almost immediately the bridge became not only an important commercial crossing but also a choice business and residential site. Shops lined both sides of the roadway between the fortified gates at either end; houses were built above the shops, with 138 premises being recorded in 1358. Walkways and additional rooms were extended between the buildings, transforming the roadway into a tunnel-like passage through which merchants and other travelers bustled. In the 1580s, during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, water mills were installed that added to the uproar.

The bridge became the site of calamities. Three years after its completion a huge fire destroyed all the buildings and killed as many as 3,000 people. But the houses (a source of income for the bridge) were quickly rebuilt, lining the 926-foot (282-metre) length of the bridge and reducing the carriageway to only 12 feet (4 metres). In 1282, five arches collapsed under the pressure of winter ice. These, too, were rebuilt, and the bridge, though often in a state of disrepair, survived as London’s sole crossing of the Thames until 1750. In that year Westminster Bridge opened, despite opposition from City merchants.

Shortly thereafter the City decided to repair Peter of Colechurch’s bridge and the project was given to Charles Labelye, designer of the Westminster Bridge. By 1762 all the houses were removed, the carriageway was widened to 46 feet (14 metres), and the two central arches were replaced by one great arch at mid-span. The removal of the central pier led to serious erosion of the riverbed, and gravel was constantly poured to protect the remaining piers. Finally the maintenance became too much of a burden, and the City asked the renowned engineer John Rennie to design a wholly new structure several yards upstream.

New London Bridge

For the new structure, Rennie proposed five semielliptical stone arches, with the central span reaching 150 feet (46 metres), the next two 140 feet (43 metres), and the two shore spans 130 feet (40 metres). Rennie died in 1821 before work began, and the job was left to his two sons. George Rennie had actually made the design in 1820, but construction was conducted under John Rennie, Jr. in 1824. In 1831, King William IV and Queen Adelaide arrived by water to celebrate the opening of the new bridge. Demolition of the ancient structure began that year, and by 1832 it disappeared, having served 622 years.

Rennie’s bridge survived less than 140 years. Between 1968 and 1971 its facing stone was dismantled and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the U.S. state of Arizona, where it was re-erected on a five-span core of reinforced concrete to serve as a tourist attraction at the resort town of Lake Havasu City. The New London Bridge now crosses Lake Havasu behind Parker Dam, 155 miles (250 km) south of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River.

Modern London Bridge

The current London Bridge, built between 1968 and 1972, replaced Rennie’s stone arches with beams of prestressed concrete reaching 340 feet (104 metres) in the central span. Construction was carried out using the cantilever method, with segments being built outward from two piers, each segment tied to the previous one by high-strength steel tendons. In the centre, the two cantilevers did not meet but stopped short, leaving a space into which the builders placed a concrete beam to complete the span. The design represents a major post-World War II innovation in bridge engineering, but the bridge itself is not of great historical significance.

Bridge Parties

Another interesting information about the London Bridge is that it is an amazing venue for parties. Most bridges in the world are not ideal locations for throwing parties, but guests at a Tower Bridge event do not have to worry about dodging traffic. Within the bridge’s towers and the walkways above are several event spaces with spectacular views that make Tower Bridge one of London’s most popular venues.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

A visit to Tower Bridge Exhibition is the most exciting way to explore and experience the most famous Bridge in the world. Within the Bridge’s iconic structure and magnificent Victorian Engine rooms there is plenty to see and do!

After watching a new animated video about why Tower Bridge was built, guests can walk into the high level Walkways, 42 metres above the River Thames. This offers visitors a chance to admire stunning panoramic view of London, spying such popular landmarks as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Monument to the west and St Katharine’s Dock leading to Canary Wharf to the east.

The East Walkway houses the exhibition ‘Great Bridges of the World’ – this photographic exhibition features over 20 Bridges, each of which represents a breathtaking feat of engineering. In the south tower, a short video shows the construction of the Bridge, before guests proceed to the West Walkway where they can view brand NEW exhibition, ‘This is London’. Here, visitors can admire copies of over 60 iconic illustrations and excerpts from painter and illustrator, Miroslav Sasek’s classic children’s book, ‘This is London’. 

Continue on to the original lifting machinery in the Victorian Engine Rooms, complete with sounds and smells that transport you back in time to the Bridge’s origins. You will also experience a virtual Bridge lift, providing you with a unique view of the Bascules being raised. And currently on display is ‘Art at the Bridge, #4’, our brand NEW exhibition in partnership with Southwark Arts Forum.

A final visit to the Gift Shop before leaving allows the chance to take home a memento of your day.

Hotels in London Near Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge area offers a choice of fine hotels.

Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel

The glass exterior of this Hilton hotel faces Tower Bridge. Guestrooms have wireless Internet access, plasma TVs, mini-bars and windows that open. The hotel also has a business center and fitness center. Its on-site eatery, the Larder Restaurant, serves a breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner. Coffee and cocktails are available at the Ruba Bar.

Hotel Novotel London Tower Bridge

The Novotel is located on the Thames near Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The contemporary guestrooms have sleeper sofas, flat-screen TVs, in-room movies and Internet access. The hotel also features a sauna and fitness center, and provides a currency exchange and a staff that speaks eight languages. The Elements Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Enjoy sandwiches and cocktails at the Pepys Bar, named after 16th-century writer, Samuel Pepys. Families traveling with children receive a special gift, late check-out, adjoining rooms and free rates for kids.

The Tower

The Tower is a luxury hotel on the Thames near Tower Bridge. The 800 guestrooms have Egyptian linens, flat-screen TVs and mini-bars. Free wireless Internet access is available throughout the hotel, which also provides 24-hour room service and concierge service to its guests. Other amenities and services include a fitness center and limousine service. The Tower provides special venues along the river for weddings and receptions, and it has two on-site restaurants and a cocktail bar.

Apex City of London

The Apex City of London is a stylish, upscale hotel next to Tower Bridge. Amenities in the 179 guestrooms include free wireless Internet access, flat-screen TVs, refrigerator and coffee and tea service. The Apex provides guests with 24-hour room service, laundry service, a DVD library and mail delivery. The hotel also has a gym and contemporary conference and meeting rooms with views of the Thames. The hotel’s restaurant, Addendum, serves modern cuisine.

Best Hotels in London

London offers a fine choice of hotels. Visitors can choose where to stay from among the best hotels in London.

Luxurious London
Luxurious London

                                                Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel

The Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel is conveniently located in the center of Canary Wharf’s business, café and shopping district. The hotel is only 15 minutes from the London City Airport and near many popular London attractions. You will enjoy taking a river taxi to Waterloo and the London Eye, shopping in the West End and a visit to Greenwich. The Hilton’s spacious and comfortable guest rooms are contemporary in style and include flat-screen TVs, wireless high-speed Internet, on-demand movies and a mini bar. Hotel amenities include a business center, fitness center and restaurant.

Hotel Novotel London ExCel

The Hotel Novotel London ExCel is conveniently located in East London opposite the ExCel Exhibition Centre, in the Docklands. The hotel is also near the O2 Arena, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Stratford and London City Airport. The Novotel’s modern style, spacious and comfortable guest rooms include an en suite bath or shower, sofa bed, work area, large-screen TV, wireless and broadband Internet access, laptop safe, mini bar and tea and coffee service. The hotel’s Upper Deck Restaurant and Bar overlooks the Royal Victoria Dock. Hotel amenities include facilities for business meetings, fitness center, sauna and steam room.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Shoreditch

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Shoreditch sits in the middle of Shoreditch High Street, near Bishopsgate, in East London.The hotel is contemporary in style and features 196 comfortable and spacious guest rooms, which include comfortable beds and leather armchairs. Rooms also include satellite cable TV, mini bar, workspace/desk, telephone/fax, data ports and wireless high-speed Internet. Hotel amenities include a fitness club, sauna, business center, meeting space and a rooftop restaurant.

London Bridge Hotel

In the borough of Southwark, the London Bridge Hotel is a four-star Neoclassical landmark. The façade’s recently restored stone carvings date to 1915, and a traditional fireplace welcomes guests into the lobby. Within a short walking distance, tourists can see the Tate modern gallery and Shakespeare’s Globe theater. The hotel offers a buffet breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness health club with a sauna and tea and coffee machines. Rooms have a contemporary interior and include a roll-away bed, windows that open and a flat-screen television. After dining in the attached Londinium restaurant or bar, guests can take a short stroll to the River Thames, located less than 1,000 feet away.

Danubius Hotel Regents Park

Near the Marble Arch and Mayfair underground stations, the Danubius Hotel Regents Park is situated in one of London’s most plush areas, the historic neighborhoods. It ranks among the best hotels in London. On a relatively quiet street, this four-star hotel is near London Zoo, Camden Town and Abbey Road. Many rooms offer views of cricket grounds and Regent’s Park. There is Internet and 24-hour room service. Afternoon tea is served in the lounge daily or guests can dine at the bar or fine restaurant. Guests looking to shop are only a short walk from famous Baker and Oxford streets

Saint Georges Hotel

Off the Marylebone tube station, Saint Georges Hotel is near Picadilly Circus at the cusp of Regent Street. Though it’s one of the smaller hotels in central London, many rooms are on top floors with views of the London skyline. The brightly decorated rooms offer satellite television, a shower and bath, Internet and soundproof windows. The hotel’s restaurant is on the 15th floor and offers happy hour specials during the week. Guests may also choose to relax in the lounge or bar.