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Germany Going To Create History Again?


The whole Germany is on the winning roll these days. While the country is in the mood of jubilation for being the best at kicking the decisive ball into the net, Mercedes is all set to add to this national celebration by proving their proficiency for making hybrid Formula 1 technology at their home grand prix. One Sunday witnessed Germany winning FIFA World Championship 2014, another can witness Germany making it again on coming Sunday by winning the German grand prix at Hockenheim.

It's Mercedes this time!
It’s Mercedes this time!

The Mercedes team last won at home in 1954, thanks to the great Argentine racing car driver Juan Manuel Fangio. This time the responsibility of winning it back with a home car, after almost 60 years, lies on Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg. But since Mercedes have got the most sophisticated system of FRIC, it would be really interesting to watch how this ban on FRIC affects the order of the top team. The teams according to the top ranking so far are Mercedes, Williams, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Force India.

Among other German F1 drivers, there are Sebastian Vettel, Nico Hulkenbergand Adrian Sutil. Sebastian Vettel is already known as successor to Michael Schumacher. Just at a tender age of 27, he has in his account four world titles and more than 35 race wins. And, since he won the German Grand Prix last year at Nurburgring, he is practising hard to make it this time as well. Even he has got the fair chances tokeep the joy of Germany intact during this winning season. Being a local boy at Hockenheim, he is much more familiar with the track than any other Formula 1 drivers.

Win it at home!!!
Win it at home!!!

However, for Rosberg also it’s no lesser than a second home as he states, “Hockenheim is a crucial race for all of us, it’s the home Grand Prix for Mercedes-Benz and a second home race for me after Monaco, so I’m really focused on getting a top result this weekend.”Having gained such determination and talent, Germany is all set to win this Formula 1 championship giving its people yet another reason to take pride in.

With a home circuit around and having tasted a win recently, the German F1 drivers have the familiar and enthusiastic crowd to support them and their country. Let’s see who among the four drivers keep the German flag flying higher and higher this year. By winning this championship, these German F1 drivers can also wish Germany’s best, Michael Schumacher, the quickest recovery possible.



Christmas Markets in Munich

Christmas markets are a significant part of the festive season in Germany and Munich is no exception. Advent is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons in the city of Munich. When the first snowflakes swirl in the air, children start to build snowmen and the scent of mulled wine wafts through the streets. A stroll around any of the many markets in and around Munich is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. Nestled only an hour away from the Bavarian Alps you can experience the buzz of the city at this time or combine your visit with some winter sports. Whatever you choose there is plenty to keep all the family entertained.

Munich holds its traditional Christmas Market from November 29th to December 24th 2013 on Marienplatz (St. Mary’s Square) in the center of Munich. Marienplatz boasts the largest Christmas market in the city . A massive fir Christmas tree is erected in front of the Rathaus (Town Hall) and strung with Christmas lights. Advent music is performed live every evening at 5.30 p.m. from the balcony of the Town Hall. It is a must to try the glühwein (warmed red-wine combined with cinnamon, sugar, oranges and cloves) while in Europe at Christmastime so go to the many vendors and purchase two mugs of of glüwein. You pay a deposit on the mug and take it with you to drink as you wander around the other stalls at the market. It tastes sort of like drinking raisin bread and is very warming indeed on a cold winter’s day!!

In Neuhauser Strasse, only a few steps from Marienplatz square, you will find what probably is Germany’s largest manger market. The authentic nativity scenes at this market are complete with lanterns for the mangers, fodder for the ox and donkey and gifts from the three Magi.

If you are after a little more of a party atmosphere then Wintertollwood is the place for you. The Theresienwiese comes alive in December with lively concerts, beautifully quirky crafts and plenty of ethnic foods from November 26th to December 31th.

Fun and festivities can be found at The Munich Airport Center’s highly popular winter market. It’s in full swing for the holiday season with 50 outdoor market stalls, a large ice skating rink (skates are gratis) and Bavarian curling.

Decorated with more than 400 Christmas trees, the market is located at the heart of the Munich Airport. For travelers arriving, departing or for those of you who have a layover, be sure to allow extra time for browsing the stalls while sipping mulled wine. For locals from the neighboring communities, parking is free for five hours.There is live entertainment with a 40 bands and musical acts from the region. Each day, a different stage show appears, featuring rock, pop, blues and jazz genres. As for food, a variety of treats is available ranging from Bavarian to Asian dishes. When sampling the mulled wine, try the Bavarian gluhwein or Swedish glogg. A children’s program includes baking, decorating a gingerbread house and creating holiday decorations.