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Wild with Style, Las Vegas


No matter how much struggle you do to show up an active front in the Corporate World, there are going to be days when you wake up exhausted, and eventually you end up looking for a refreshing indulgence with your family or your bunch of friends.

It was the month of October- the most tiring and strenuous months. My corporate mates were eager for ‘that’ dose of entertainment and here they go – to the luxurious city of casino, hotels and related entertainment – ‘Las Vegas’. While carrying the tag of ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’, the city welcomes its visitors all year round. Shopping, dining, gaming, (or gambling) and most excitingly, the city’s nightlife adds an amazing charm to Las Vegas.

Heading for a Luxury Trip? Lets have a look at the main attractions of Las Vegas.

  • In addition to the giant casino hotels and gambling practices, Las Vegas endows its visitors with a fantasy like atmosphere. You would hardly see a ‘moment of monotony’ in the glitzy blitzy life of Vegas. Take a dig at the breathtaking and lavish decors as you party at the nightclubs at the ‘Sin City’.

  • Vegas has around 55 golf courses designed by great players and architects. Experience the lush greens and the dose of hospitality at Desert Pine Golf Club and have a wonderful golf adventure.

  • The scariest part is at The Sky Jump (Stratosphere); staring down the earth with wide open arms and your feet half off the platform. The chic and relaxing nightclubs of the City are an ultimate add-on.

  • The historic awesomeness especially Nevada State Museum is full of interesting and catchy displays. Another historic classic Hoover Dam is one of the world’s largest producers of hydroelectric power at the time of its construction. This was one of the top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th century.

  • A holiday trip to Las Vegas can really fulfil all your entertainment wishes. Plenty of outdoor activities in Lake Mead, Valley of Fire State Park, Red Rock Canyon and many more.

  • Dance to the eccentric composition of music & water symphony and experience unforgettable moments at ‘Fountains of Bellagio’. The fountain display is choreographed to various tunes like “Luck be a Lady”, “My Heart will go on” and “Viva Las Vegas”. Also, Bellagio has been voted as among the top contenders of Las Vegas by noted Magazines and Journals.  

  • Miss your childhood? How about bouncing back to baydon at ‘Skymania’! A room filled with an alluring grid of trampolines – where the walls and floor are padded and everyone jumps for joy.

  • Feast your eyes with yummy-tummy Pozole Blanco and family meals at Basque Restaurants. Explore the culinary wonders of seafood spaghetti at the ‘Mix’ (Mandalay Bay), French/American creations at ‘The Top of the World’ (Stratosphere). Get a chance to put your name down there in the history books of Monte Carlo at the Monte Carlo Resort. Finish the eight pound burger challenge at ‘The Pub’ and win goodies.

Last, but not the least. Hit out Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR Restaurant at Planet Hollywood. Do not miss out on the Gambling portion, of course! There’s nothing exciting like sitting with your bunch of besties and having a gala time. 


Coming of the Ashes…

There are three things wrong with this English team- they can’t bat, they can’t bowl, they can’t field.”  Martin Johnson.

The aim of English Cricket is, in fact, mainly to beat Australia.” – Jim Laker.

The statements must have indicated you something by now. “The much hyped rivalry between Englishmen and Australians”.  And Ashes Tournament comes out to be a live witness.

The Ashes Tournament has its roots deeply embedded in the soil of Cricketing History.

It is a form of test cricket played between England and Australia. There have been several games seen on the field of cricket- some well-contested and some one-sided hopelessly played. You name it dominance or gentleman spirit, nothing stands close to the reputation of Ashes. Such tournaments remain the highlight of the year with respect to their growing popularity and class cricket.

Trapped by our life’s hectic schedules, don’t we often miss out on some of the exciting ventures that we have been planning since long! It could vary from taking out time arranging tickets for Ashes to experiencing the gentleman’s game ‘live’. But today many resources have come up which allows you to stay in touch with your planned ventures wherever you go. Off late, a few good apps got launched on Ashes Test and have said to arrive the stores of ‘much talked about’ platforms- Android and iOS.

Go Ashes’ , ‘ECBCricket’ and ‘The Ashes’ are such few apps that carry all the useful information about such an event.

ECB Cricket:

ECB Cricket is a beautifully crafted app, yet full of desired information. This app is meant for the easy accessing of news scores, matches and updates. From the tickets of ongoing Ashes to updates on forthcoming tournaments, from match highlights to choosing a cricket wallpaper, from scoreboard to the fall of wickets, you will get them ALL.

It’s USP is that it comes on four platforms- Apple, Blackberry, Nokia and Android whilst the cost comes out to be absolutely free.

Go Ashes:

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Go Ashes acts as a perfect companion during your tour to the Tournament. It has a feature by an interesting name “Twickets”. It organizes all your Ashes twitter feeds at one place. Other’s include live scoring, series overview and history and news feeds w.r.t. both the teams.

Its makers say that “It is a must have for any visitor to Australia! “. Besides (in the app) you get food and drink suggestions to all the Ashes host cities.

The Ashes:

The Ashes is another commendable app on Google Play. It endows users with the latest information on the ongoing tournament. Here, all the content is powered by ‘The Telegraph’. This app has a simplified approach towards reporting on the Ashes and other cricket info.

All all, these apps are more fruitful & perfect to those having minimal time with no-fuss approach. Blessed with video content, live blogs, squad profile, photo galleries; they are match and news focussed. Other apps in the line are Yahoo Cricket, Crickbuzz Cricket Scores & News, ICC Cricket and Cricket Companion App.



My Trip With Mummy

The pictures were really fascinating and I was fantasising. I was not willing to shutdown my laptop. “We’ll definitely pay a visit if you clear your SAT exams”, that is what my father told. And there i was with the flying colors. I beat the score and emerged out to be a winner of the competition i had been thriving hard since last year. With coaching and apps, i had finally made it. My reward from Dad was the trip to Egypt, grand holidays. I had made the itinerary planner with help of top travel apps. A week later I and my family directly landed in the heart of Egypt. We put up in one of the best hotels. With the help of travel apps, we first started the journey through the Farafra, white desert or Sahara el Beyda.

  • The Sahara desert is the third largest desert in the world. The desert engulfs most of North Africa. It’s white, creamy color fascinates the crew of Expedition. The climate undergoes enormous variations between wet and dry, frequently accompanied by sandstorms and dust devils. The highest peak of sand is the Emi Koussi. Talking about flora and fauna, there is scarcity of water and vegetation to sustain life in most part of the desert. The screwhorn antelope is the Sahara’s largest indigenous mammal. We clicked numerous pics with varieties of camels and have also uploaded the camel ride video on the facebook.


  • Hold your breath, the next destination was “mummies”. I was overexcited. The worth seeing mummies are from the Eighteenth through the Twentieth Dynasties of the New Kingdom. Mummification is the process of bandaging the dead body along with the rituals and removing the internal organs except the heart.  It takes about 70 days to completely mummify a dead body. We also visited Egyptian Museum or Museum of Cairo to understand history in a better way and make the trip a complete edutainment trip.

  • After the dry, hot days, we made our way for some scuba diving and other water activities. Besides ancient allure, Egypt attracts lot many beach vacationers. It has seven beach zones namely The Gulf of Suez, The Beach at Stella Di Mari, The Mainland Coast Along the Red Sea, The Eastern Sinai along the Gulf of Aqaba and its Southern region in the Red Sea etc.  Windsurfing and skiing is very popular along the mainland Gulf of Suez Zone. We were auto guided by travel and leisure app.

Since we had planned trip for a week, we covered almost all the famous places like Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Dahab, Siwa Oasis, Abu Simbel, River Nile Cruise, Red Sea Reef, Karnak, Giza Necropolis and of course The Mummy. I did not lag behind in shopping either and got some antique golden clothing, small decor mummy, miniature pyramid. Each one of us did loads of shopping according to the taste.

The more I was into the shopping stuff, my brother only craved for food, fatso. He is not a shopaholic. We enjoyed the traditional as well as contemporary food like Baghrir, Berber, Keneffa, Briouat,Charmoula, Ghriyyaba with amazing cocktails. The mesmerising memories are well trapped in my smartphone. Finally the exotic trip was over and we landed on the New York International Airport.